Welcome to Void 5

IT Consulting/General IT Support

We offer a wide range of cost-effective IT services including but not limited to: software and hardware support, cloud planning and implementation, network design and installation, automation and devops consultation, and general home IT support.
E-Mail us today for a free no-obligation chat about your requirements!

Web & E-Mail hosting

We also offer a reasonably-priced web and e-mail hosting service, starting at £5 per month (inc VAT, [2GB Webspace, 1TB/mo bandwidth, 25 subdomains, 5 MySQL Databases, 10 POP mailboxes, 25 E-mail forwarders]) with professional, personal support to help get your business or hobby online!

Games and General Projects

When we're not assisting our customers with complex IT problems, designing and implementing new systems to our customers' requirements or sleeping, we're working on our own cool projects and games!
Our current project taking priority is Cavyrn!